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Best Places to Live in Los Angeles

If you’re one of the many that dreams of calling LA home, finding the most desirable areas to live can be tricky.  There’s so much to consider before relocating to a new place such as affordability, commute, security, and points of interest.  So we decided to make it easy for you!  We’ve compiled a list of some of the best places to live in Los Angeles to provide an in-depth view of the neighborhoods you can call home.

Manhattan Beach

Between the food, shopping, and breath-taking scenery, there’s a lot more here than just sandy beaches. If you’re raising a family, you can rest assured that they will get the best education possible, as Manhattan Beach has a reputation for attracting the best and brightest in terms of education and an average school rating of 10/10. This neighborhood is also a safe area to live, having a crime rate that is 6% lower than the national average. However, living in Manhattan Beach is not cheap, with a median home value of $2,657,387 and a median rent of $7,529.

West Hollywood

No matter how touristy Hollywood gets, this town has managed to keep the spark that began back in the old days. The area is speckled from end to end with great restaurants, bars, nightlife, and recognized landmarks that make Hollywood famous. Aside from the fun places to spend your days off, living in this area gives you a ton of access to job opportunities within commuting distance. The median gross rent here was about $3,550 per month and a median home average of $977,865. However, the crime rate in this neighborhood is 64% above the US average.

San Marino

In the San Gabriel Valley, San Marino is envisioned as an exclusive neighborhood that is just as lavish as the star-studded neighborhoods of Beverly Hills and Bel-Air. Of important note, there are especially a lot of young professionals living in San Marino who work in various industries, such as management, healthcare, and financial sectors. This neighborhood is also a good choice for families with children because of its low crime rate (40% lower than the median average) good public school district, and a large number of college-educated adults.


If you’re priced out of the previously mentioned neighborhoods, you can look to Cudahy for a more budget-friendly option with a low crime rate (38% lower than the US average). With an average median home of $555,228 and a median rent of $2,500, this neighborhood still costs less than living in the heart of Los Angeles. Additionally, this charming neighborhood is near to the downtown area of Los Angeles, where residents could find boutique stores, designer showrooms, all the way up to the most renowned apparel companies like GUESS.

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