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Staying In Silom On Your Visit To Bangkok

Silom is an excellent part of Bangkok to stay in when you visit, and many things attract tourists to this area, with lots of things to see and do. When you travel to Bangkok on holiday, you may wish to consider staying in this part of the city, which also boasts the oldest hotel in the city. Below are some of the things you can see and do when staying in Silo that will leave you with plenty of fantastic memories.

Visit The Sky Bar

An excellent destination which also offers a fantastic viewpoint of the city is the Sky Bar, in Lebua State Tower, which is just off Silom Road. You can enjoy the panoramic views from the 63rd storey of the building and look out over the cityscape and enjoy a cocktail or two before heading on to your next destination.

Explore Pat Pong

Pat Pong is the original red-light area of Bangkok, made famous by American soldiers visiting during the Vietnam war. There are still go-go bars in the area that you can see if you want, and there is also plenty of shopping to be had with lots of markets and street stalls. If you stay in a hotel near Saladang BTS station, then Pat Pong is within walking distance and is an excellent place to explore after a nice meal.

Bangkokian Museum

If you want to experience some of the culture on offer and see Bangkok’s history, then a visit to the Bangkokian Museum may be right up your alley. Explore the teak building, which is how most houses looked like in Bangkok in times gone by, and there is no entry fee, unlike many tourist attractions throughout the country.

Lumpini Park

If the concrete jungle is getting you down and you want to see a bit more greenery, then a Lumpini park visit may be in order. It is a popular place for people to go and exercise, and there are also playgrounds for children. You can also see Water Monitors in the park basking in the sun, although you will not want to get too close as they can hurt you by whipping their tails.

As well as the above attractions, there is plenty more on offer in Silom, and it is also an excellent area for food with many high-quality restaurants in the area. There are also plenty of bars that you can visit for a refreshing drink and get out of the hot sun. No matter where you stay on Silom, with everything available in the local area, one thing is for sure, you will not get bored.

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