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What Are the Different Whale Species?

The majestic whale was almost hunted to complete extinction, as human mercilessly slaughtered the whale for its blubber and oil. It took a Scandinavian student in the mid-1970s to start the ‘save the whale’ movement, which opened the…

Best Places to Live in Los Angeles

If you're one of the many that dreams of calling LA home, finding the most desirable areas to live can be tricky.  There’s so much to consider before relocating to a new place such as affordability, commute, security, and points of…

Having A Private Pool On Holiday In Phuket

If you are going to go to Phuket in Thailand on holiday and you want to stay in luxury, then you may wish to consider accommodation that has a private pool that you can enjoy. There are many options available to you from luxurious 5-star…