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Keeping Your Children Entertained On Holiday In Phuket

When you and your family are heading to Thailand for a family holiday, Phuket is an excellent destination for your holiday, and it has plenty of things to help keep the children entertained. Most children are not interested in experiencing the country’s culture or exploring temples and would rather do something fun and exciting. Whether it is getting close to elephants, karting, a water park, or a kid’s adventure playground, Phuket has something for everyone. Below are some options to help keep your children entertained and loving their visit to beautiful Phuket.

Take Them Snorkelling

If your children love the sea, it is an excellent idea to take the family to the Similan Islands, where you can enjoy some of the best snorkelling in Thailand. It is well known for its crystal-clear blue water; you will see lots of different fishes and other wildlife when exploring. The sun can be strong, even on a cloudy day, so ensure you wear lots of sun cream to protect your skin and the children when snorkelling.

An Experience With Elephants

You can visit one of the elephant sanctuaries in Phuket, which is perfect for animal lovers and get up close and personal with these majestic pachyderms. You can learn about the elephants, watch them play, feed them, take them for a bath and scrub them with a brush, which they love. Your family will also love it, and it will be an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives.

A Day At The Water Park

There is also a selection of water parks in Phuket you can enjoy with your family, which is an excellent way to cool off in the hot sun. There are various water parks you can visit, such as Blue Tree, Andamanda, or Splash Jungle, which all have lots of slides and rides, and there are also some indoor attractions when it gets too hot. Wear lots of sun protection cream and keep everyone hydrated, and you can have an excellent time with your family playing in the water.

Rock Climbing With The Kids

You can also take your children to Rebel Rock Climbing, an indoor facility with rock climbing to suit all skill levels. There is over 700 sqm of wall space to keep you busy, and it is an excellent way to spend two or three hours and get out of the sun for a while.

Take The Family Wakeboarding

Next door to the rock climbing, there is also wakeboarding available at Anthem Wake Park, which is on a freshwater lake. Work your way around the obstacles and improve your wakeboarding skills, and there is also a surf simulator you can enjoy.

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