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Adventure Expeditions for Teenagers: What you Should Know

If you are the parent of teenagers, you probably know that this can be a stressful time for both parents and children, what with the dramatic change in hormone levels that seem to make adolescents stubborn and more difficult to manage. Of course, puberty affects kids in different ways; some seem to handle it better than others and that means you have to take a tailored approach when dealing with your teenage kids.

Summer Holidays

This is the best time to book one of the expedition tours that are designed with teenagers in mind, there are organised excursions in the UK, Europe and other continents, where the kids follow an active program designed around their interests. Once you find a tour operator’s website, you can learn all about the various tours they run and choose one that is suitable for your son or daughter.

Weekend Expeditions

Not all the study tours are designed for long periods, they have long weekend programs that are sports-related and even day trips where the students learn about their locality. These would typically depart on a Friday afternoon and return Sunday evenings; check out the tour operator’s website for details. This is a great way for the kids to interact with nature, something they miss when living in the city and we all need to be grounded to nature, especially in this digital age we live in. There are many programs, so your kids will surely find something that hits their hot button.

After-School Programs

There are study centres that offer a wide range after-school sports and other programs, which engage the students in fun-based ways. They even have a collection and return service if you are too busy to ferry your kids to the venue.

Active Learning

Learning by doing is the best way to retain new knowledge and these study tours are all designed with fun and excitement in mind, whether student trips to Europe or a weekend in the Lake District, your offspring will learn a lot while having a great time! Students are encouraged to get involved in every aspect of the trip, including planning the daily schedules and prepping for specific activities.

These study tours are character-building and parents receive a full report that gives them an insight into how their child performed. The leaders are always happy to discuss teenage management issues with parents and they have some great ideas about how to improve parent-teenager relationships.

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