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Great Reasons to Visit Ecuador and Tips on What Not to Do

Ecuador is popular for Galapagos Islands amongst tourists. So, why is Ecuador becoming popular or gets added to people’s bucket-list?

Top reasons you must travel to Ecuador

Some great experiences to enjoy on your Ecuador travel.

Experience the equator

You can visit the red line [Museo de Sitio Itinan] that splits Earth between the southern and northern hemispheres. The museum has many places to experiment, which makes travelers experience being on the equator. Walking with eyes closed here is a challenge as equator affects gravity. It is challenging to balance an egg on the head of a nail. Water drains in different directions on diverse sides.

High snow-capped volcanoes

Cotopaxi rests at 5,897 meters altitude and can be seen on a road tour from Quito. To climb this volcano at a high climate along with extreme climate needs strong mountaineering techniques and physical capabilities. If you are a good trekker and plan a trekking tour, it is necessary to hire a licensed guide.

Gorgeous coastal regions

Ecuador has 2,000 km of coastline including white sandy beaches, mangrove forests, clear water, and old-fashioned fishing villages.

Cajas National Park

A UNESCO heritage site boasting diverse highland landscapes including a plethora of lakes. The park has 110.2 meters of lakes, lagoons, paper tree forests, mountains, ravines, and valleys. Trekking, hiking, and camping inside the park is an experience to observe endemic species.

Tips of what not to do during your Ecuador Tour

As Ecuador is getting popular there are some things travelers need to never do here.

  • Take public transportation during rush hours, to avoid getting pick-pocketed.
  • Flash valuables in public can be dangerous as it attracts pickpockets.
  • Wander outdoors after dark is risky. If you are unsure ask the locals if the place you wish to travel at night is safe or not.
  • Never eat from the street vendors because hygiene and quality standards are not adhered to.
  • Dress for enjoying the clear and warm weather……scant clothes is a common sight amongst travelers.
  • Official taxis have a yellow color with a green sticker on its side. Never get in any other car that claims to be a taxi, even if you are desperate to reach your destination.
  • Practice a little Spanish because people in small villages still don’t know English.
  • Negotiate at the marketplace… is not a bad idea!
  • Avoid climbing and kinking to see the breathtaking views of the mountains and volcanoes before acclimatizing or you can possibly experience nausea, breathlessness, appetite loss and dizziness.
  • Carry cash & coins because you will not get change back.

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