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5 Vacation Tips to Follow Before Arriving in Dubai

In 2018, there were 15.93 million international tourists in Dubai. Further, in the first six months of 2019, Dubai welcomed a whopping 8.36 million people. It is the most influential country of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and remains one of the top destinations in the bucket list of globe trotters.  It is simply because it fits the tastes of every demography almost perfectly. However, Dubai has conservative laws that might be a little difficult for you to get accustomed to. Also, the country has loads to offer in terms of cuisines, sightseeing, and entertainment. With so much happening, consider reading this useful guide before booking your Mumbai to Dubai flight tickets. It will ensure a well-informed, safe, and memorable trip.

1.     Dress Appropriately

The internet is filled with horrific stories of how Islamic countries are ruthless towards certain clothing styles. However, Dubai is relatively liberal and allows tourists to dress according to their tastes. In fact, putting on swimwear on the beaches or short skirts at pubs is not looked down upon. Expats make up for 85% of the population, so people generally have a broad mindset. However, while visiting bazaars, malls, and mosques, consider wearing clothes covering your knees and shoulders.

2.     Pick the Right Months for Your Visit

The winter months are quite pleasant and ideal for a vacation. Therefore, look for Mumbai to Dubai air tickets between November to April. The skies remain clear, and the weather is usually perfect for a beach getaway. If you are a shopaholic, consider planning a trip around January and February when the iconic Dubai Shopping Festival takes place, attracting a humongous crowd.

3.     Be Aware of the Alcohol Rules

No matter how progressive the Middle East is becoming, certain strict Islamic laws are still applicable. Although alcohol is plentiful and permitted, it is important to be aware of where to consume it. Public drinking, drink and drive cases, or a general exhibition of drunkenness can land you in serious trouble. So, if you wish to sip on a glass of chilled beer, learn about licensed pubs before boarding your flight.

4.     Enquire About Medicines You Can Carry

Did you know that carrying more than ten paracetamol tablets to Dubai could subject you to interrogation? In fact, certain cold tablets that are common in Mumbai are completely banned in the UAE. You could be detained from entering and even strip-searched if you carry opiates. Therefore, research about your medicine compositions and change your prescription, if required.

5.     Know the Islamic Event Dates

Before booking a Mumbai to Dubai flight ticket, check the calendar for Islamic festivals. The entertainment and food options are limited to pay respect and maintain dignity during the holy hours. For example, during Ramadan, you might not have easy access to food and beverage from sunrise to sunset. Muslims practice fasting, so eating, smoking, and drinking in public places is strictly prohibited. In fact, the sale of alcohol might also only be permitted after sunset.

Do visit this city to see the sparkling skyscrapers, stunning deserts, beaches, and tropical islands that are certainly worth your time and money.

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