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Some Of The Best Cultural Attractions In Vientiane

Laos is a beautiful nation that is full of lush green jungles and fantastic culture sights for tourists to explore, and there are much fewer tourists than some of the surrounding countries. If you are going to be heading to Vientiane and want to embrace the culture of Laos, there is plenty for you to see and do. Below are some of the best cultural attractions that are on offer in the city, to assist you in planning the perfect trip to Laos.

The Presidential Palace

The Presidential Palace is one of the iconic landmarks in Vientiane, and even though you cannot go inside, it is still one of the top attractions for visitors when looking for Laos cultural attractions. The palace is used only for state functions, and the president does not live there, and beautiful gardens surround the modern Laos architecture.

The National Library

The architecture of the National Library is a throwback to colonial times, and the building was the former residence of the governor. Laos was given independence from France in 1946, and the building was later turned into the library that you can see today by the government. All the most important documents, books, and other records are kept in the library, and it is an excellent building to explore.

Lao Cultural Hall

The Lao Cultural Hall is another iconic landmark for tourists and is something that many people take pictures of due to its beautiful architecture. It embraces the modern interpretation of architecture from Laos and boasts massive colonnades. The hall is only open to the public during special events and exhibitions, so try to time your visit when there is something on so you can explore the inside of this beautiful building.

Chao Anou Night Market

You can really embrace the culture of Laos when you visit the Chao Anou Night Market, which targets the local population rather than tourists, and is active after the sun goes down. You will find many different things on sale at the marketing, including clothing, electronics, souvenirs, food, fabrics, and handicrafts.

Pha That Luang

Pht That Luang is a national symbol of Laos, and golden stupa is something that can be seen for miles around. There are claims that the breastbone of Buddha is buried in the temple, and it is the location of one of the biggest festivals in Laos in November, the Boun That Luang Festival which lasts for three days.

These are a few of the best cultural attractions in Vientiane when you visit, but there is a lot more to see than just these. You can start planning your trip to Laos and use website to start planning what you will see and do when you arrive in beautiful Vientiane.

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