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Having A Private Pool On Holiday In Phuket

If you are going to go to Phuket in Thailand on holiday and you want to stay in luxury, then you may wish to consider accommodation that has a private pool that you can enjoy. There are many options available to you from luxurious 5-star resorts and hotels to private villas in less touristic areas. If you fancy some privacy and luxury on your trip to Phuket, below are some tips to help you choose the perfect place to stay for your holiday.

Resorts & Hotels

The majority of all the resorts and hotels boast a swimming pool, but not all of them offer a private villa with a pool. If you have your heart set on this when you visit Phuket, then all the hotels and resorts below offer private pools and villas for their guests, which you may wish to consider booking for your trip.

  • The Banyan Tree Phuket
  • Keemala
  • Trisara
  • Malisa Villas
  • Anantara Phuket Villas
  • The Residence Phuket

When you are looking for a private pool villa, Phuket has many hotels and resorts offering this feature, so you should have no problems finding the perfect place to stay which will ensure that you have a fantastic time when you visit.

Stay In A Private Residence

As well as having many resorts and hotels that you can stay in with a private villa and swimming pool, there are also a lot of privately owned villas which you can rent. You can often find that this is an excellent option if you do not want the amenities that a hotel offers, but you still wish to stay in the lap of luxury. There are many private villas all over the island of Phuket that you can rent, and websites such as are an excellent way to find the perfect private villa for your trip.

Check The Reviews Before You Book

Whether you are going to stay in a hotel or resort, or a private villa when you go on holiday to Phuket, you will want to ensure that you check the reviews of any potential places to stay before you book. The reviews can give you an excellent insight into how guests are treated and can help you decide what one will be best for your trip. You may wish to ensure that wherever you stay, it is close to transport links, as otherwise, you may feel isolated in a private villa that is tucked away in the middle of nowhere. Take your time in deciding, look at the reviews, and shop around for the perfect private villa, and you can ensure you have a holiday in Phuket that you will never forget.

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