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Why Using Travel Insurance Comparison Website to Compare Travel Plans is a Good Idea?

Travelling is an amazing experience that gives you a new perspective to see your surroundings. Travelling is all fun a game until something bad happens. Without proper planning, your travel experience can turn into a nightmare anytime. One thing that comes for your rescue in a badly going travel trip is travel insurance.

Many of us overlook the importance of having a travel insurance and feel that it is an added expense to the trip. But imagine what happens if you lose your baggage or face a medical emergency in a foreign land. Clearly, you will end up way more money than what you would have spent in buying a travel insurance.

And not only financial gain, travel insurance is also important for legal reasons. Many countries will not give you a travel visa until you have valid travel insurance with you.

Good news is that nowadays almost every insurance company is offering travel insurance. There are several different types of plan available that gives you a lot of choices in terms of coverage, insurance amount and type of travelers. In order to make the best choice, it is advisable to compare the features (and costings) of different insurance plans.

Going to each insurance company’s website, noting down their insurance plan details and then comparing them manually is too much task. Also, the chances of errors when manually comparing travel insurance plans is high. The best way to easily compare travel insurance plan is by using a travel insurance comparison website.

There are many benefits of comparing travel insurance plans using a comparison website, such as

  • These companies have tie-ups or relationships with insurance companies, which means the websites can deliver you good value for a great range of travel insurance policies
  • You can review plans, products or travel policies from a number of different providers at one place.
  • You can set filters based on options that are important to you
  • You can use the online premium calculator present in most comparison websites to select the right premium amount you wish to pay and the relevant insurance policy you can buy.
  • The travel insurance comparison websites are free to use and there are no charges involved as in the case of using an agent.
  • If there is a discount that is being offered by the insurance company, it will be directly transferred on to you, which is not usually the case if you are buying the policy through an insurance agent.


Regardless of the type of travel, it is a mandate to have travel insurance in order to have safe and hassle-free travel experience. And in order to get the best travel insurance, it is recommended to compare travel insurance online using a travel insurance comparison website such as iSelect. Regardless of the type of insurance you wish to buy, the website will always help you get the best policy and the best deal on it.  Have a happy globetrotting!

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