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Four reasons to spend your holidays in Indonesia this summer

If you are planning your summer holidays, think that now is the perfect time to spend your trip in Indonesia.This country will be the top destination for summer holidays this year. Indonesia is a country rich in tradition, culture, nature and excellent food. Every year thousands of visitors choose this country to taste a different way of life and enjoy a different culture. Open your mind and be ready to discover a new world rich in traditions, nature,history and good food. The gorgeous nature and the incredible choice of accommodation and services for visitors makes Indonesia a perfect choice for summer holidays. Thanks to new flight connections, like the new one from Boston to Hong Kong and from Hong Kong to Bali, Indonesia is closer than ever. Let’s see four reasons to spend your holidays in Indonesia this summer.

  • The amazing nature of Indonesia

Nature in Indonesia is wild, the sea is incredible,you can find white beaches, amazing colors, forests, waterfalls and much more. . Nature and landscapes are very different. You can find mountains, active volcanoes,wonderful beaches, uncontaminated forests, unique plants and flowers. In every corner of Indonesia you can live nature, the power of volcanoes, the sound of waterfalls and sea waves, smell of plants and flowers. In Indonesia you can enjoy nature practicing a lot of sports like trekking, yoga, meditation, canoeing and all sea sports. In Indonesia you can relax on white  beaches organized with all the services you may need or you can live a lot of experiences and adventures.

2) Hotels, restaurants and all the services you may need during holidays

Indonesian services have deeply increased during the last years to guarantee top class experiences for its visitors.Indonesia offers all kinds of accommodations to satisfy visitors’  requests. From simile family guest houses, apartments and bed & breakfast till five stars resorts with all inclusive services, the choice is very large. In Indonesia  you can find accommodations and services that can match every kind of budget and preference. Top class resorts are located near the most famous beaches and offer luxury services to their clients. If you prefer to keep in touch with indonesian way of life you can choose a family guest house or a local apartment. Concerning food , Indonesia is an excellent destination. Indonesian food is an incredible experience made by tradition, love and passion. Food can be enjoyed in top class restaurants and also on street food or local restaurants. Bali is famous for the good quality of its traditional food . Indonesian food is based on rice, fish, meat and vegetables. And it’s delicious everywhere at very competitive prices.

3) The perfect place to practice sports

If you want to enjoy nature, practicing sport is the best way to discover this country. The choice of activities that you can practice is very large.You can make trekking and excursions with local guides through mountains and inside wild forests. During these excursions it is very important to wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Sea sports are an excellent way to enjoy the country . In Indonesia you can practice surfing, canoeing, stand up paddle, windsurfing and kitesports. Sea sports along all the coasts are amazing, you can find excellent beaches to practice sport and be in connections with this paradise. Indonesia is a perfect place to practice and to learn sport while discovering the wild nature of the country.

4) History and traditions

Indonesia is a mix of religions, traditions and history. Here you can understand a different culture and you can see a different way of life. You can learn a lot from indonesian culture and way of life. Travel in this country is also a journey into the soul of a person and everyone can learn a lot from this country. Indonesia  is a melting pot of history and traditions where you can find the essence of your soul.If you need to reconnect with your soul you are in the right place.

Thanks to new flight connections, a great choice of accommodations and services and an amazing nature, Indonesia is one of the top destinations for next summer holidays.

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