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The Exciting Things to Do in the Active City of Texas Arlington

A lot of attractions lure you to visit the wonderful city of Arlington again and again. Every visitor can find an interesting theme spot to enjoy and become part of the awesome sights that welcome tourists in large number every day.

A few of the prominent tourist spots you shouldn’t miss in Arlington:

  • For those who love natural environment:
    • River Legacy park: Where ever your eyes roam, there will be lush green spread along the banks of Trinity River. Even local people love to enjoy the green atmosphere picnicking in midst of harmless animals and birds. The place is a heaven for bird watchers, hikers, biking enthusiasts and daily joggers. There are innumerable trails spread over more than one thousand acre park land. The main attractions are the huge skeleton of T-Rex dinosaur, aquarium and the vast playground for kids.

  • For knowledge seekers:
    • Planetarium at the University of Arlington: A great place to learn about space and space bodies. It is open for public shows where you can watch the amazing stars, planets, galaxies and other wonders like distant galaxies sitting at the Dome auditorium.
    • Museum of Art: This museum is unique as it doesn’t have treasures collected of earlier centuries or collection of masterpieces of artisans. Rather it believes in spreading knowledge about Texas Contemporary Art. It is a well-known venue to host exhibitions and a great place to organize educational programs for kids and adults all the year around.

  • Highly entertaining spots:
    • Levitt Pavilion: If you are a music fan, this will be the best place to enjoy as the music festivals are held the whole year. The uncommon feature is that most of the shows are free and you can get tuned to hearing all kind of music.
    • Legal Draft Beer Company: if you are curious to know the process involved in brewing beer, this will be the best place to picnic. Tours are arranged on the weekends and there are a lot of activities, games to participate to make your day exciting and relaxing.
    • International bowling museum: If you want to go for bowling, don’t miss to visit this gaming spot. Adjoining to the museum is Hall of Fame. Both the places are well known for displaying uncommon peculiar artifacts as bowling is known to be one of the earliest games played by monarchs and ancient Egyptians.

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