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Enjoy your Visit to Copenhagen by Witnessing the Annual Jazz Festival

Jazz music is always famous in Denmark and among Scandinavians in general. That is why Copenhagen’s Jazz Festival held during the first half of July every year is quite popular. During this event, more than 1, 000 concerts are staged in at least 100 venues which range from churches to intimate cafes and outdoor venues to major music halls. You can go to most of these concerts, especially outdoor performances, for free. If you are staying in one of the best copenhagen hotel apartments, you are probably in the city center and close to where the festival will take place.

What to Know about the Annual Copenhagen Jazz Festival

This festival is one of Europe’s biggest annual music events. The musicians that play at the event are a mix of local talent and international artists with prominent performances from Scandinavian and German artists. The festival concentrates on jazz music and doesn’t include rock or pop music performances. It is held annually for ten days from the first Friday in July onwards. Concerts begin every day with the final shows starting around midnight.

Taking Advantage of Free Concerts

 In general, Copenhagen is not a cheap city; however, a lot of the jazz concerts are reasonably priced. Moreover, a big number and a wide variety of concerts every day are free. Free concerts are staged in a lot of squares and parks, particularly in the heart of the city. Low-priced concerts are also held in many community halls and churches in different parts of the city. Also, many bars and beer garden-style restaurants play jazz. Don’t worry about going to free concerts since their being free does not determine the quality of the music to be played. Consider buying festival tickets online in advance. This will let you can get tickets for top venues like the Betty Nansen Theater, DR Koncerthuset, Charlie Scotts, the Opera House, and Jazzhouse.

How to Go to the Festival

Often, you can go to the central part of Copenhagen by foot or bike. However, during the Jazz Festival, you can buy a special event ticket for travel on public transportation. You can buy a ticket that is valid in zones 1-4 and a separate one that is valid in all zones. You may be able to use the ticket on any bus, S-Tog train, or metro. You can use the ticket for unlimited travel for twelve hours.

Beyond the Jazz Festival period, a lot of permanent jazz venues in the city enjoy Jazz. It is also enjoyed during the Vinter Jazz held in February throughout the country.

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