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COVID Restrictions Could Make RVing the #1 Vacation Choice

Right now is a tough time to be in the travel industry. While just about everyone else is getting back to work, people in travel and hospitality continue to struggle. What started out as a 15-day effort to flatten the curve has become a 13-month exercise in economic suffering. But there’s hope on the horizon, especially among people amenable to RV vacations.

Ongoing COVID restrictions could very well make RVing the #1 vacation choice for 2021. Do not be surprised if RV sales go through the roof this year. And don’t be surprised if you have trouble reserving a campsite between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Even people who have never done the RV thing before are likely to at least consider it.

Forget About Flying

Flying is the preferred means of travel for a lot of vacations. Some people book flights to Central Florida, where they enjoy the local attractions or head to the coast for a cruise. Others fly north for first-time visits to iconic cities like New York and Boston. Still others fly out West to take in the Rockies, the Las Vegas strip, and Southern California.

Unfortunately, many travelers have decided to forget about flying this year. With talk of airlines requiring vaccination passports, it’s just not worth the hassle. And there are those who will not fly as long as face coverings are required. Ditto for cruising.

The interesting thing is that states without aggressive COVID restrictions stand to gain the most from people willing to embrace RV vacations. Florida is a prime example.

Mistakes Won’t Be Repeated

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has all but admitted that his state’s actions through the summer of 2020 were largely mistakes. He has vowed that the Sunshine State will not repeat those mistakes. He has lifted all restrictions, signed an order preventing local municipalities from enforcing mask mandates, and declared that there will be no vaccination passports in Florida.

The openness in Florida represents an open invitation to RVers. If you own an RV or you are willing to rent one, you can drive to the state and camp at your leisure. Campgrounds throughout the panhandle and peninsula are taking reservations even as you read this post.

If you’re worried about high temperatures, invest in some RV skirting. A company known as AirSkirts offers an inflatable skirting product that acts as a great insulator. You can keep the inside of your RV cool with a combination of good skirting and on-board AC.

While you are in Florida, you’ll be able to eat at most restaurants without worrying about mask restrictions or social distancing. The same goes for shopping and sightseeing. However, some private venues are voluntarily requiring face coverings. Just keep that in mind.

Enjoy the Campground

Whether Florida sounds inviting or not, you don’t necessarily have to take in the local amenities on your next vacation. You can choose to just enjoy the campground itself. A lot of veteran RVers do just that. They spend their days meeting new people, spending time with old friends, lounging around the pool, riding bikes, etc.

COVID restrictions may make it too uncomfortable for some people to fly. Restrictions might ruin what you believe constitutes a quality hotel resort stay. If you are open to trying something new, consider an RV vacation this year. You might just discover that RVing is better than anything else you’ve experienced.

It won’t be surprising if COVID restrictions make RVing the #1 vacation choice in 2021. And if that indeed happens, there’s a good chance many first time RVers will become long-term RVers as a result of their 2021 experience.

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