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4 Tips for Traveling With Seniors 

There are many fantastic things about getting older. We have more experience, we’re more comfortable in our own skin, and we tend to sweat the small stuff less in general.  However, along with all the advantages of getting older, also come certain physical limitations. For this reason, many families turn towards assisted living to ensure their older loved ones are well looked after around the clock. 

Yet, despite the physical limitations that getting older can present, it’s still entirely possible to enjoy our favorite pastimes, like traveling. Travel can be incredibly exhausting both mentally and physically, however, so in order to make the most out of your trip with your older loved one, it helps to plan ahead. If you’re planning on taking a trip with the senior, here are some of the best tips to ensure it’s a seamless and memorable experience.

Accessibility is a Must

If your older loved one is traveling with a wheelchair, then it’s important to choose destinations that are wheelchair accessible. From the restaurants you choose to eat in to your hotel accommodations, call ahead and ask how senior-friendly it is. Most places are required by law to be wheelchair accessible, however, in places like Europe, you might have a little bit more of a challenge. The good news is that many places will be willing to adjust to your needs and help make your stay more comfortable. Just make sure that you call ahead, instead of assuming everywhere is the same.

Schedule in Breaks

As we get older, we get tired more easily. As such, it’s important that you schedule breaks. Just like you would plan a nap for a younger child, you should do the same for your senior traveler, to ensure they don’t get exhausted and potentially injure themselves.  It can be wonderful seeing all of the sights and attractions in your destination, but it’s hard to appreciate them if you’re exhausted and having trouble getting around. A balance between rest relaxation and activity is a must if you hope to make it an enjoyable trip.  After all, what’s the point of a vacation if you come back home feeling more exhausted than before you left?

Make a List of Medications

In many cases, seniors require a specific medication.  These range from blood pressure medication to daily vitamins. It’s helpful to make a list of everything they need, and double-check that you’ve packed it with you. Make sure that you’re well versed on the dosage instructions and bring any important medical history should an emergency arise while traveling.

Pack Essentials

It’s helpful to pack all the essentials that you could need for a wide variety of scenarios.  Whether they require certain assistive devices, or you’re not sure what kind of weather to expect, it helps to have what you need to minimize stress. While you don’t have to overpack, it can provide peace of mind to be as thorough as possible when filling their suitcase.

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