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Which is the best metropolitan mobility service in terms of bike taxi & bike pooling?

The mobility sector of India was witnessing a revolution over the last decade. With the increased demand in shared mobility, services like car-sharing and ride-hailing have seen gaining popularity. Though all these concepts were already existing, the last decade has seen a boom in demand for these shared options owing to the increasing traffic and the congestion. The ease in using the cab apps and bike booking apps also contribute to its rising popularity. With the chances of the ride-hailing sector being huge, more and more startups are making their way to the mobility industry with cab booking apps, Bike Taxi apps, and Scooter rental apps to name a few.

Bike Taxis v/s Bike Pooling

With ‘traffic’ being the word that echoes in the mind of every daily commuter residing in an Indian city, shared mobility has become the need of the hour. Though the cab apps have increased the accessibility to the vehicles and promoted the idea of shared mobility, they didn’t help reduce the congestion on the roads. Options that could help you solve these last and first-mile connectivity problems and congestion are the Bike taxis and Bike pooling services. The terms may sound similar; however, the concepts are different:

  • Bike Pooling just works like car-pooling. The only difference is that you will be sharing your ride only with one person in bike pooling.
  • Unlike Bike pooling, bike taxi works like an independent two-wheeler cab. When you book a ride, a rider will pick you and drop you at your destination in a two-wheeler.
  • Bike pooling connects people travelling on the same route and at the same time.
  • In Bike pooling, you’ll be sharing the fuel costs with your co-rider.
  • When you book a bike taxi, you’ll be paying for the service provided by the owner, based on the kilometers.

Which is the best?

When it comes to the services offered, both bike taxis and bike pooling have its advantages and disadvantages. People in the cities use the services as it helps to solve their last-minute connectivity problems. Quick ride is one of the famous bike pooling apps, and Rapido, Baxi, Ola Bikes etc. are the popular bike taxi apps in India. As two-wheelers are more convenient to wade through traffic, both the services are useful for the daily commuters. Bike Taxis solely work for you as you can select your pick-up and drop stations. However, when you search for bike pooling, you can only book a ride that goes to the same route and at the same time as yours. This can be useful for the people who go in the same route at the same office time. For other personal uses, bike taxis can be of more help. Experts also suggest that bike taxis are suited for the Indian market as Indian people owns more two-wheelers than cars and can easily beat congestion.

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