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Where to stay when travelling in COVID-19?

The Novel Coronavirus has caused quite a stir in our daily operations, let along travelling outdoors. COVID-19 has led to many businesses, either shutting down or working at a languid pace. Some companies have now starting pacing up, and in doing so, travelling has become a daily thing now.

As travelling during COVID-19 can be risky, we give you five safe hotels to stay during the Pandemic.

The Leela Palace New Delhi:

The Leela Palace in New Delhi has taken many safety measures to offers you low-risk accommodation despite the current situations. The Leela Palace New Delhi has also introduced safety precautions at all of The Leela Palaces, Hotels, and Resorts, especially for COVID-19. It continues to offer you engaging picturesque cityscapes and warm and protected ambience. The immensely welcoming, cautious, and aware staff assures to cater to your every need. Although the times are regular anymore, The Leela Palace New Delhi is taking every effort to ensure that you stay here is both – safe and grand.

Lemon Tree Premier, Delhi Airport:

Another safe hotel to stay at in the capital city is Lemon Tree Premier. Located at a convenient distance from the city centre, this hotel offers you impeccable safety measure to ensure that your stay here is as safe as possible. Within this property, you will be able to experience the lush interiors, which instantly reminds of the spring warmth. This hotel is known for its buoyant and its award-winning in-house restaurants and rigorously executed health safety protocols. All of this combined, Lemon Tree Premier offer you a beautiful ambience to unwind, relax, and rest calm without having to worry of the Pandemic.

The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai:

In the series of ‘safe hotels’ across the country, The Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai features as one of the safest hotels to stay at. Known for its immaculate service, which revolves around their guests’ security, this hotel observes all the safety measures as prescribed by the World Health Organization (WHO). Contactless service and frequent sanitization, are some of the steps which have been incorporated during this Pandemic. Acclaimed for its meticulous hospitality, this hotel ensures that all precautionary measures are observed.

The Leela Mumbai:

If you are flight hopping and what a safe hotel to stay at then, The Leela Mumbai is one of your safest bets. Located only 5 minutes away from the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, this business hotel offers excellent ambience and modern amenities. The hotel is furnished with modern furniture and offers cutting-edge technology which allows contactless service. The safety standards observed by this luxury retreat destination align with expert-guided protocols of health and safety. With service as their primary purpose, this hotel offers you a unique amalgamation of grandeur, tranquillity, convenience, and class.

Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai:

Known as Mumbai’s sky-scraper hotel, the Four Seasons Hotel is a unique blend of chic decor and relaxing ambience. The hotel offers you a panoramic view of the sea and cityscapes. This hotel has also launched a global health and safety program. The program is designed to ensure the health and well-being of both guests and employees. And, this makes Four Seasons one of the safe hotels to stay at in the Maximum city.

We hope this article comes handy for you. If you plan to stay at any of these cities, ensure you check the precautionary measures taken by the hotels before you book.

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