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Traveling As a Senior – 5 Tips to Keep Safe

More seniors are traveling now than ever before. Today’s seniors love to travel to destinations all around the world. Most are not timid about visiting a country they have never been to before, rather they are up for the adventure. Many seniors even pick up freelancing or part-time work from home to support their travels. Consequently, with traveling comes some safety precautions. Traveling to new places is exciting, but you always want to be aware of your surroundings and practice the five tips below to keep safe during your vacation.

Tip #1: Travel in Daylight

Traveling in daylight is a way to make sure you are traveling when you have the most energy. When traveling in the evening, most seniors do not have as much energy, and it may be harder to make choices when you are tired. You can be more prone to get hurt if it is dark and you are tired, as well. Arrange your traveling time around the times you are most comfortable being out and about with the most energy.

Traveling in daylight also keeps you safer when you are in areas you have not been to before. When traveling or roaming about in daylight, there will likely be more people out, and you can see where you are going. It is also safer to drive in new areas in the daytime instead of in the evening. In addition, there are fewer robberies in daylight than at nighttime.

Tip #2: Request Assistance Whenever Possible

There can be a lot of hassle with sitting in tight seats or moving around so many people on an airline. You can reach out to the airlines to request accommodations. For example, an aisle seat or sitting closer to the front of the plane helps avoid many people. The airlines can also reduce time at TSA if pre-approved, assist with wheelchair or cart travel, help with your luggage, and help you get onboard to the carrier. You do not have to face things alone while traveling. Do not be afraid to ask for help!

The same goes for if you go on a tour and need assistance. You can tell your tour guide ahead of time that you may need accommodations or help. There is always a way to receive assistance when you need it.

Tip #3: Research What to Expect Ahead of Time

Are you the type of person who likes surprises? Surprises while traveling might not be something you are ready for. Unless it is a good surprise, like your significant other surprises you by taking you to a restaurant you have always wanted to go to. Sometimes those travel surprises will pop up.

For example, you did not know you were supposed to get travel insurance to visit a particular country and find yourself stuck at immigration. To prepare for the unknown, start researching the place you are visiting and see their current restrictions and policies. Especially now, since the COVID-19 pandemic, some countries and areas are strict on people coming to visit. They may even say you need to have travel insurance to cover several days in case you fall ill with COVID-19 while staying.

It is good to research this ahead of time so you can check your Medicare policy to see if your policy covers things like this.

Tip #4: Keep Your Medicines on Hand

If you are planning on traveling, make sure you pack your essential medications for your trip. Medications and vitamins that you must take daily are a must to bring with you. You will want to pack enough to last you the length of your trip, and you could consider packing enough for a few days longer than your trip. Just in case something happens and there is a delay to your destination, you will be set.

Tip #5: Talk to Your Healthcare Provider

If you are about to travel, talk with your healthcare provider and discuss any precautions you should take while traveling. You can also find out what your Medicare policy will cover if you need medical care while on vacation. Planning in terms of your health will be very beneficial in the future.


The tips provided above will help you to have a safe and fun vacation. Planning and taking the correct safety precautions can help you to prepare for a great trip. Planning can be tedious, but it helps you enjoy your trip more because you’ll know you have your bases covered. Feeling safe while you travel is also a considerable advantage. You’ll feel safe, protected, and content while on vacation!

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