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Family Trips Away – Choosing the Most Suitable Resort

We all know that bringing kids on holiday, especially young kids can be a real challenge. They have to be entertained from morning to night and that is just on the journey to the hotel. When you arrive at your destination, there is nothing better than knowing that your kids will be preoccupied with a range of activities when they arrive at the resort.

Swimming Pool & Slides

Having a good size swimming pool is essential when choosing a family friendly resort. Kids spend hours in the pool while on holiday and it provides a safe environment for them to enjoy themselves. When looking at accommodation, choose a resort which has a reasonably sized pool with some slides for the kids. You don’t want too many slides as this can block your view, it is easy to lose track of little one’s when the resort is more like a water park than a hotel pool.

If you have found some good Phi Phi child friendly resorts in Thailand, do some research on each hotel, and see what others have to say about the swimming area. Swimming in the pool is always one of the best parts of a holiday but remember to follow these child safety tips.

  • No running
  • You’re responsible for your kids
  • Establish pool rules
  • Practice sun safety

Safe Beach

You should try to pick a resort which also has a safe beach area. There should be a shallow area where kids can play and not get into any difficulty. A nice touch is when a resort offers complimentary beach toys for the kids to enjoy the sand.

Kids Club

This is a must for every family holiday, especially with young kids. If it starts raining or you want some time alone, a kids club is your saviour. Look to see what activities and amenities are on offer and read reviews from other parents who have stayed in the resort. The instructors in the kid’s club should be friendly and great with children. If they aren’t professionally trained and certified, you may be reluctant to leave them with your children.

In addition to the points mentioned above, you should also consider factors such as kids meals and fun activities for older children who have reached their teenage years. Some resorts have all kinds of fun activities such as exercise classes, swimming lessons and cooking classes. When choosing a family friendly resort, remember to do your homework beforehand.

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